Monthly Archives: February 2018


so, it’s now 2018.

a couple of weeks ago i left my fourth decade behind, and somewhat expectedly became unemployed for the first time ever.

it feels like a whole new world beckons, but i have no idea what kind of world that entails, and as it has only been a couple of weeks i don’t think the real situation has sunk in just yet as i have been rather busy with paperwork and general parenting.

to be honest, my career choices are limited given that mk2 is now entering that tricky age of hormonal chaos and social/educational pressures. so any decisions i make have to adhere to my need to be dad which is my most important role for the next few years.

in practical terms though it means i am at last able to dive deep into all manner of audio visual entertainment that i have not had the opportunity till now to do so.

basically, i will be able to rediscover long forgotten parts of the archive while doing all the much needed chores around the house.

so the blog could be kickstarted into action should i feel the urge.

let’s see what happens.